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Brodhead's Fire and Ice Festival returns Dec. 5-6

Brodhead's Fire and Ice Festival returns Dec. 5-6

The Brodhead Chamber of Commerce will be holding its annual Fire and Ice Festival Dec. 5-6.

There will be many activities held throughout the two-day event, including photos with Santa, ice sculpting, arts and crafts vendors and carriage rides.

A list of events and their times can be found here.


Beloit PD to intensify traffic safety enforcement Friday, Saturday

The Beloit Police Department will intensify its traffic safety enforcement Friday and Saturday. Beloit Police Officers will be working under an Alcohol Saturation Grant, provided the State of WI, to combat drunken driving and increase safety belt use.

The Beloit Police Department along with WI Department of Transportation has identified the following roadways in the community as 'at-risk':

Liberty Ave. (Highway 81), Riverside Dr. (Highway 51), and Prairie Ave.

Program to connect communication between Rock, Illinois county

Rock County authorities said a partnership with an Illinois County sheriff's office will improve public safety. 

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said the agency is partnering with the Illinois Winnebago County Sheriff's Office to exchange information in real time.

A communication program called Adobe Connect allows law enforcement to share information related to public safety such as missing persons reports or kidnapping cases. Investigators will be able to upload information from squad-mounted computers. Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers offered to share use of the web-based program for free with Rock County deputies. 

Spoden explained that since Rock and Winnebago counties are in different states, they operate under different regulations and also have differing technical issues related to communication devices. 

Rock County group receptive to Ryan's poverty plan

Rock County group receptive to Ryan's poverty plan

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan said he has a plan to reduce poverty across the country. He's calling for major changes to how the government helps low-income families, including giving states and local organizations more control.

Ryan spoke at the American Enterprise Institute Thursday morning on the subject, sharing his plan for a new opportunity grant.

The pilot program would consolidate 11 federal programs, including food stamps and housing subsidies, into one, then provide the grant to states to decide how to best use it locally. Ryan said a neutral third party would keep track of results.

"My thinking is, listen to the boots on the ground, the local leaders who are changing the status quo," Ryan told the crowd at AEI Thursday morning. "Let them try unique and innovative ideas with a proven track record, and then test the results."

Ryan said state agencies wouldn't be the only service providers; community organizations doing similar work could get more funding.

Bi-county task force to focus on Hwy. 26 during construction

Bi-county task force to focus on Hwy. 26 during construction

Two area counties have paired up to enforce traffic safety along a shared highway corridor. 

he Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday that it had formed a two-county traffic safety task force with area agencies to focus on Highway 26 along with the Rock County Sheriff's Office, town of Milton and village of Johnson Creek police. 

Jefferson County Capt. Duane Scott said the task force, funded by grants, will patrol Highway 26 in Jefferson and Rock counties during construction in the summer months.

"As the (Highway) 26 construction has continued, we have seen an increase in crashes and speeding violations as the project has gone forward," Scott said. "The Bureau of Transportation Safety brought (multiple area) agencies together with some funding to see if we can make a difference this summer."

Dozens of Beloit residents without water for days

Dozens of Beloit residents without water for days

A city official said dozens of Beloit residents have been without water for more than a week due to problems caused by frozen pipes.

About 53 homes in the neighborhood near Copeland Avenue -- including Tremont Drive and Sheridan, Prairie and Summit avenues -- have not had running water for days, some going without service for 10 days, an official said. 

The city of Beloit said it was waiting for a de-icing device from a manufacturer in Canada to arrive to thaw frozen water in the pipes and restore service to residents. The Pulse Jet De-icer pipe-thawing tool has been backordered but is expected to arrive in Beloit Tuesday, an official told News 3. As soon as the de-icer arrives, work to thaw pipes will begin. 

Treasurer leaves Milton position to work for Sun Prairie

Members of the Sun Prairie City Council unanimously approved hiring a new administrative services director on Feb. 4.

Connie DeKemper will leave her position with Milton after two years as the city treasurer to oversee several Sun Prairie city departments, according to the Sun Prairie Star and Milton Courier. ... Read More