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#BlackLivesMatter Beloit Art Exhibition calling for community submissions

According to a Wright Museum of Art press release, the #BlackLivesmatterBeloit is asking Beloit community members to submit artwork for their exhibition at the museum.

The project wants to know what the assertion that black lives matter means to individuals, and how the movement and the events that inspired it changed their views of race in society.

Airport to restaurants: We've got a blank space, we'll write your name

Imagine drinking a cup of coffee or sipping on tea while watching airplanes fly off the runway. That's what Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport officials want to offer fliers eventually. For that to happen, airport officials said they need restaurant owners to show interest in an empty space at the airport.

"It has a long history. This restaurant has been busy since clear back in the '70s," said Ron Burdick, director of the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport.

It was once a unique restaurant that was proven to attract a crowd.

"It's always been a big draw," Burdick said. "There was time a when on a weekend you would have an hour wait just to get a table."

It's the type of business Burdick hopes to see again after spending $3.2 million in state aid to renovate the terminal building. But restaurants have not showed interest, and Burdick and county officials are still looking to find someone to fill the space.

Soul Food Luncheon to bring in money for multi-ethnic students

Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) will host its annual Soul Food Luncheon on Tuesday to raise scholarship money for multi-ethnic students.

Attendees will be able to sample a menu featuring baked and fried chicken, fried catfish and barbecue ribs. Various sides like candied yams, plus corn bread and desserts will be offered as well.

Janesville Craig stand tall in Big Eight

This year, Janesville Craig girls basketball won their first Big Eight championship since 1980.

A conference championship is a tall order, especially considering the Cougars don't have a player taller than 5'10''.

Craig has used their on-court chemistry to offset their lack of height. Senior Alison Hughes says their chemistry was obvious from the start of the season. 

"Even before our first game, just from last year, we knew there was just a click with this team."

That chemistry has paid off in the form of a number one seed in this year's high school basketball playoffs. Now, head coach Kerry Storbakken says they have their eyes on another championship.

"They want nothing more than to make a good run in the tournament and get to Green Bay."

The state tournament is in Green Bay March 12-14. 

Beloit Police Department ordered to undergo $129K evaluation

In a workplace that relies on teamwork, Beloit police officers have concerns over its leadership.

"It wasn’t just one or two disgruntled employees. This was six different officers, independent of each other that came to me with their concerns. Officers that have been with the department for a very long time, solid reputations of doing great police work and when I have that many officers coming to me saying that there are concerns, then I as a city council member need to take that seriously. We just can't afford as a city to not have 100 percent confidence in our police department," City Councilor Shelia De Forest.

The amount of individual complaints from police officers is raising an even larger concern about the state of the department among city council members.

"The officers were literally concerned about retaliation, and so that has made it difficult to get a handle on what's going on in the department," she said.

30-year-old gets 7 years for distributing heroin

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said a 30-year-old Beloit man will spend the next 7 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to distributing heroin in Rock County last year.

U.S. District Judge William M. Conley sentenced Marcus Payton Wednesday in Madison.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Payton’s lengthy sentence was due in part to his long and violent criminal history.

Payton was charged following the results of an investigation conducted by a task force formed through the FBI’s Safe Streets Violent Crime Initiative. This initiative was designed to address gang and drug-related violence in places like Rock County by having local and federal law enforcement agencies work together on investigations.

Car wash can help prevent unexpected costs caused by road salt, brine

It may be hard to find the motivation to get our cars washed during the winter, but mechanics say to avoid having your car end up in the shop thanks to damage caused by road salt and brine, a $5 car wash pays off in the long run.

Brine and road salt are two solutions crews rely on to keep cars from losing control on the roadways. However, if left untreated on our cars, mechanics say it could cause other problems down the road.

"It's automotive cancer. Once it's there, it has to be cut out or replaced or else it just keeps coming back and coming back," said Guy Olson, service manager at Butitta Brothers Automotive.

Brine is stronger than rock salt. Its powerful solution, often combined with calcium chloride, means its strength also takes a harsher toll on the wear and tear of your car. Once your car starts to rust, Olson said the only way to fix the car is to replace the metal, which could cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the make of your car.