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Beloit police to focus on speed enforcement Tuesday

Beloit police to focus on speed enforcement Tuesday

The city of Beloit Police Department will have two officers looking for speeding violations on or near state highways Tuesday, according to the release.

The officers will be out from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Speed enforcement can help reduce speed related crashes that cause property damage, injuries or death, officials said.

The additional officers are assigned to the special project thanks to a Wisconsin Department of Transportation grant, according to the release.

Man with absolute sobriety clause arrested for alleged drinking, driving

Man with absolute sobriety clause arrested for alleged drinking, driving

A Janesville man was arrested Saturday night for driving after drinking with an absolute sobriety condition to his bail, officials said.

Janesville police were dispatched to reports of an intoxicated driver at a restaurant Saturday around 7:20 p.m., according to a release.

A caller reported that Rick Hesgard, 63, was preparing to leave the bar in a white Cadillac, police said. He had reportedly been drinking, but was not supposed to be drinking at all.

Officers observed the white Cadillac traveling northbound on South Jackson Street at Riverside Drive, according to the release. An officer initiated a traffic stop and could smell alcohol coming from Hesgard's breath.

Hesgard told the officer he had consumed several beers, according to the release. The officer checked Hesgard's driving status and found he had three prior convictions for operating while intoxicated with a pending OWI case. As part of the cases Hesgard had a condition of absolute sobriety.

Child ignites gasoline, causes 2 vehicle fires

Child ignites gasoline, causes 2 vehicle fires

Two vehicles were damaged after a child lit some gasoline with a lighter causing the two vehicles to catch fire Wednesday afternoon, according to a release.

The Janesville Fire Department responded to 4116 Eastridge Drive around 1:30 p.m. for reports of a vehicle that was on fire, officials said. On the way to the address, crews were notified of another vehicle that was on fire.

Crews extinguished a GMC Sierra that was full engulfed in fire in the middle of the road, according to the release. Then crews extinguished a Nissan Versa that was on fire in the driveway.

Investigators said a child that was playing in the driveway when the fire started admitted to lighting some gasoline with a lighter.

Drunk driver arrested on 4th OWI charge in 5 years, police say

Drunk driver arrested on 4th OWI charge in 5 years, police say

A Janesville man was arrested on a fourth operating while intoxicated charge after being stopped by an officer for weaving through traffic Sunday morning, according to a release.

An officer stopped a white Land Rover around 1:25 a.m. near the intersection of Princeton Road and Brunswick Lane after noticing it weaving in and out of traffic, officials said. The vehicle's registration was also expired, and it had a broken tail light.

The officer noticed the driver, Jason Biever, smelled of alcohol, and had glossy bloodshot eyes, according to the release. Biever also admitted to drinking five to six beers before driving.

Biever failed standardized field sobriety testing, and had a preliminary blood alcohol content of 0.17 percent, officials said.

Biever was arrested on a tentative a charge of fourth-offense OWI, and was cited for operating after suspension, not having insurance and having an expired registration.

Bi-county task force to focus on Hwy. 26 during construction

Bi-county task force to focus on Hwy. 26 during construction

Two area counties have paired up to enforce traffic safety along a shared highway corridor. 

he Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday that it had formed a two-county traffic safety task force with area agencies to focus on Highway 26 along with the Rock County Sheriff's Office, town of Milton and village of Johnson Creek police. 

Jefferson County Capt. Duane Scott said the task force, funded by grants, will patrol Highway 26 in Jefferson and Rock counties during construction in the summer months.

"As the (Highway) 26 construction has continued, we have seen an increase in crashes and speeding violations as the project has gone forward," Scott said. "The Bureau of Transportation Safety brought (multiple area) agencies together with some funding to see if we can make a difference this summer."

Police look for information on dog that bit man

The Janesville Police Department is looking for information on a dog that bit a man Tuesday morning, according to a release.

The bite happened around 10 a.m. in the area of Main and Racine streets, officials said. The man noticed a stray dog and went to pet it, but the dog bit him in the hand.

The dog was last seen running eastbound from East Racine Street toward Main Street, according to the release.

It is described as a German shepherd type dog with mostly black and some brown fur, and weighing 70-80 pounds, officials said. The dog was wearing a blue nylon collar that buckles, with a blue tag on it.

It is not known if the dog was male or female, according to the release.

Officials ask anyone with information on the dog to contact the Janesville Police Department and reference incident JV1428496.

Janesville police arrest 11 on drug charges

Janesville police arrest 11 on drug charges

Janesville police joined law enforcement officers from four different agencies in a crackdown on drug and gang activities Thursday night.

The criminal traffic interdiction led to 11 arrests for drug-related offenses, according to Janesville police. Police said the crackdown led to the seizure of cocaine, marijuana, and synthetic marijuana.

Overall, the crackdown resulted in 93 traffic stops, resulting in 44 citations, according to Janesville police. 17 people were arrested on outstanding warrants, and 6 people on probation were brought back to jail.

The Rock County Sheriff's office, the Wisconsin State Patrol, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation helped with the crackdown.